DNS Erroring

I have a domain already and it will not let me add:


to the name servers. it will bounce back with an error that says:

Details: Server Name Input Server IPAddress Correct Server IPAddress

**The following name server(s) do not respond to an IP lookup command: 1

The DNS name servers entered have not yet been configured. Requests
using DNS servers that are not yet configured may be rejected by the
registries. Please check before proceeding.

Any ideas?

  • Brian

Those are the correct IP addresses. Is this here, or at some other Registrar?


Some other Registrar.

  • Brian

Which registrar? I use GoDaddy and it’s never complained. Perhaps you can contact support at the registrar to see if they can track down the cause of the problem.


Some places make you put a period at the end of various domain records. I know I had to when I pointed my stuff over here from my previous hoster.

Maybe try “ns1.dreamhost.com.” ?