DNS don't propagating



last night i has been change ip address of new.rgtcenter.com

from to i try to refresh DNS from dreamhost console.

ipconfig /flushdns
nslookup new.rgtcenter.com ns1.dreamhost.com
Server: ns1.dreamhost.com

Name: new.rgtcenter.com

I try to lookup new ip address from dreamhost server but still got the same address. it has been pass more then 12 hour. I refresh DNS though dreamhost console again still not change.


I am having a similar issue (sent a ticket). Here are my observations:

I have made some attempts at figuring out what’s going on, and so here’s what
I’ve observed when trying to work with that domain:

  • Switching from “fully hosted” to “DNS only” using the Dreamhost control panel
    does change what it displayed in the control panel, yet it does not appear
    to have actually been done: the “fully hosted” website still displays just
    fine hours after the change. Even when the A record has been set, asking
    Dreamhost’s DNS (ns{1,2,3}.dreamhost.com) about “MY_DOMAIN_NAME.online” directly
    indicate that the website is still on Dreamhost’s server. Using the “Once
    every 12h forced update” does not change that (4 hours later, no changes to
    Dreamhost’s DNS).

  • Switching from that dysfunctional “DNS only” mode to the “parked” one works
    flawlessly. Going back to “DNS only” yields the same results as switching
    from “fully hosted” to “DNS only”: the new configuration does appear on the
    Dreamhost control panel, but does not appear to have actually been done.

  • Just in case, I tried adding completely new entries to the DNS table
    (“test.MY_DOMAIN_NAME.online” and “mustexist.MY_DOMAIN_NAME.online”), same results
    (displayed on the control panel, yet never actually added to Dreamhost’s


Thank you Raksura. Finaly, Dreamhost answer my ticket and solve the problem. they apologize for the problem that make my website down for 33 hour.


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