DNS connections too SLOW! Help!

Hi Dreamhost, i have some problems with DNS connections (or maybe it’s form database connection limit because I am on a shared hosting?).

Look at my webpage, I made a php connection script to few FREE DNS (from some gaming servers):

Here you will see how slow is the DNS connection with “fsockopen” function from php.

This is too much 4.5557 seconds.

Page generated in [color=#FF0000]2.1384 seconds[/color].

Page generated in [color=#FF0000]2.4159 seconds[/color].

Page generated in [color=#FF0000]4.5557 seconds[/color].

Or maybe someone can help me with a script made in php/curl? Is more fast than ‘fsockopen’? Thx

Thank you in advance and i am waiting an answer asap.
Have a nice day.

The problem has nothing to do with DNS. Your script is connecting to a database hosted in Europe to run several (often rather inefficient) queries.

I am not understanding … What you mean there is no loop or while for php scripts or MySql queries… everything is working good … I think the only problem is THE DISTANCE … DH is to far away from that free DNS located in Europe, i am right??

Very very weird cause was tested with another hosting company from Germany lol, and is the same. Maybe fsockopen is limited or that Free DNS like dyndns and no-ip are too limited… because they are free?