DNS Confusion

I just created a hosting account and I’m having issues moving some websites that I already have other services for. The first is a domain registered with network solutions. I already have extensive email hosting with them that cannot be refunded. I wanted to host my site with dreamhost and email with netsol. Does anyone do this? I tried changing the mx records to .netsolmail.net. with dh nameservers, that doesn’t work. I tried keeping netsol nameservers and pointing the www ip to my dh ip, that doesn’t work. Is there any way to host websites with dreamhost without using their nameserves. I really just need the entry for the site to be in the httpd.conf and not the entire dns. Has anyone used dns made easy or other services like that. I don’t want to use dreamhost dns and will cancel my account if i have to. Two other websites i have need 3rd party dns, i only want to move a few subdomains over. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!