DNS Configuration Question for subdomain

Hopefully a quick question…

I have the domain scottjelias.net. What I would like is for the “root” to be pointing to my Tumblr (also available at selias.tumblr.com). I would like the subdomain blog.scottjelias.net to point to my DreamHost install of WordPress.

Trouble is, I had this all working great on GoDaddy but given the fact that I am running as “fully hosted” with DH I can’t change the A record for scottjelias.net. I can ADD a new A record (which I’ve done), but I can’t change the existing one that points to my DH server space…

For some odd reason, this was working for the last couple days (maybe by accident?) and has now disappeared completely! Going to scottjelias.net points to an empty folder (or at least it did at the time of this posting).

In the panel under “Domains>Manage Domains”, you want to:

  1. Add the appropriate hosting for blog.scottjelias.net. I dunno whether you have a fully hosted domain or whether you’re using the “Easy” install.
  2. Delete hosting (under the “Web Hosting” column) for scottjelias.net. This will enable you to manually set the top level DNS records as it will remove the entries that are currently in there for Dreamhost to be able to host the domain.
  3. Add the blank A record you need.

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