DNS Configuration: 'A' vs 'MX' record


My son has a site that I’ve been happily hosting for him on my DreamHost VPS. But now he wants to move the site to another host (www.wix.com) where he can use a pre-built site template that he likes. The problem is that, while Wix.com does have it’s own DNS servers, it does not offer domain email or ftp services.

So, what I want to do is direct just the hosting services for his domain to Wix.com and leave his domain email and ftp services at DreamHost.


  1. Can I redirect just the www services by simply entering a custom ‘A’ record (targeting he appropriate Wix.com ip address) in the ‘Manage Domains’ screen? And does a custom ‘A’ record override the ‘A’ records already entered for me by DreamHost?

  2. Would it be better to do this in the opposite direction by directing his domain (registered at GoDaddy) to the Wix.com DNS servers and then entereing an ‘MX’ record on the Wix site to direct email services back to DreamHost? I realize that this does not help with ftp services, but at least he would have his domain email. And am I correct that the MX record would be entered on the Wix site, not on GoDaddy’s site?

Thanks much. John

  1. Yes :slight_smile: That’s why you’re allowed to customize them (also so you could make tumblr.mycoolsite.com and point it to tubmlr)

  2. I wouldn’t, only because that way you risk loosing emails while you wait for things to catch up.