DNS change on a domain registered with Dreamhost


I want to change the DNS info on a domain that is registered with Dreamhost. I want to host the domain somewhere else.

I went to Domain/ Registrations/ ModifyWhois for selected and entered the DNS info in the Hosting your domain elsewhere? fields. I click Set these nameservers for this domain and I get a green response that it will take some time to propagate through the net.

Now, when I return to this same field the DH DNS is still there, like I didn’t change it. I’m not quite sure why… Is this a bug?


There was an error with the panel, changes wern’t taken effect last night through this morning. That was fixed, though there was a backlog. If it’s still showing the origional DNS informaiton now then I’d try putting the change through one more time and contact support if it doesn’t work.

You could also use a site like dnsstuff.com to see if the changes show or not, might be worth a try anyways.

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