DNS change not taking effect

I added an A record for a subdomain and a couple days later it still shows me the standard landing page… http://server.botnik.com/.

My control panel shows the record I added:

Your custom DNS records for server.botnik.com:
Record (botnik.com zone) Type Value *Actions
server A

But not working. Ideas?


I see a rest API. What are you expecting to see?

Sorry, you see the API when you type in server.botnik.com or the IP address? When I enter server.botnik.com, I get the DreamHost default:

server.botnik.com Coming Soon!

The DreamHost customer who owns server.botnik.com has not yet uploaded their website or has chosen to leave this holding page active.

If you want the domain to be pointed to your servers, you don’t want it hosted on DreamHost as well. Click the “remove” button under “Web Hosting” for that subdomain to turn that off.

When I view server.botnik.com.

Weird results showing from http://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/server.botnik.com though.

I looked at the DNS settings on your Panel, and you have that second IP ( listed in the custom settings. That’s the one that shows me the restAPI. However the DreamHost ones below are showing the other IP.

I don’t know how to correct that, but I’m pretty sure that’s why you get those weird and inconsistant results. Open up a support ticket and show them that, I think they can fix that for you :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks. Yeah, in the DreamHost control panel it shows me:

Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for server.botnik.com with
server A
ftp.server A
ssh.server A
www.server A

No apparent way to edit it. Will open a ticket. Thanks again.

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to disable DreamHost web hosting for that domain to remove those IPs from DNS.