DNS change - bad_httpd_conf received

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days. I have a subdomain that I would like to map to any one of several dreamhosters URLs:
The original is http://inverhills.dreamhosters.com/
with mirrors at ihccnewsroom.dreamhosters.com/, inverhillsnewsroom.dreamhosters.com/ and newsroom.dreamhosters.com/

I created the others because other threads seemed to state that recreating the domain may solve things.

The Wordpress site is set up to map to the root directory so there is no blog directory in the URL.

Edit: left out key detail. The subdomain that has been set up is http://newsroom.inverhills.edu/ and I get the bad_httpd_conf when I try to point that to any of the above URLs.

Any ideas?

Thanks much.

I don’t see a bad_httpd_conf there. Did you get this sorted out?

Thanks for your reply, Ipstenu-DH. I left out a key detail in my situation. I’ve edited the original post.

http://newsroom.inverhills.edu/ doesn’t exist, so I assume you removed it. This domain isn’t registered with us, is it? Where is it set up?