DNS at Zoneedit

I am a newbie at Dreamhost and I manage my DNS with Zoneedit.

But what should I set up in Zoneedit?

I set up 3 NS records: ns1.dreamhost.com ns2… and so on.

Do I have to do anything more (A or MX-record)?


I am a little confused as to exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Normally, if you wish to use the DreamHost name servers (ns1.dreamhost.com etc.), you would configure them at your domain registrar and in such a situation you would have no need for ZoneEdit’s DNS services.

ZoneEdit is sometimes recommended here on the forum for those that register a domain here at DreamHost, but do not have a hosting plan under their account. This is because DreamHost do not supply a DNS service for domain only accounts. In this situation, you would use the DreamHost panel to set the name servers for the domain to point at the ZoneEdit name servers, then create the main A-Record (and perhaps a www A-Record) at ZoneEdit to point at the server where your site is hosted.

Basically, we need more information about your particular situation in order to provide any meaningful help.

Is your domain registered here at DreamHost?
Do you have a hosting plan here at DreamHost?
Is there any particular reason why you wish to use the ZoneEdit name servers?


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No, not here. I set the DNS of the domain to zoneedit beceause if I want to change the DNS I have to pay…


Yes, I have.


If I change my hosting, then I don’t need to pay my domain registrar to change the DNS.

You say that I have to create an A-Record at ZoneEdit?

I just putting the ns1.dreamhost.comns3.dreamhost.com to the NS records not enough??

Thank you for your replay.


excuse me, but whose your registar? I ask this because I dont know of any that charges for doing a DNS change, since you can do that yourself.

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ouch, it sounds like you should be shopping around for a new registrar. :wink:

How much do they charge for making the changes? If it is only a small token fee, then it may very well be advisable to simply point the domain(s) directly at the DreamHost name servers, eliminating ZoneEdit entirely. It is not like you will be changing hosts that often.

That was for a situation where you have a domain registered at DreamHost, but the hosting was elsewhere, your situation is somewhat different to this.

Unfortunately, I am far from an expert in these matters and I am unsure exactly how to configure things correctly in your particular situation. I am reluctant to offer any advice that may lead you to more frustration and/or problems. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on the subject will chime in with some suggestions.

Personally, I would probably take the simple approach and configure the domain(s) to use the DreamHost name servers directly, regardless of the fee, and (if possible) I would also be looking at transferring the domain(s) to a registrar that allowed me to change the name servers myself.


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I have a Dutch domain and a Dutch registrar…

Ok, I changed the DNS: I paid €2,89…

double ouch

Although it is unfortunate that your registrar does not provide an easy (and free) means for you to change the name servers, I still think doing things this way will ultimately be less problematic.

Good luck.


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mark, i see your webiste. Nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

I assume you are talking about the site in my sig. I’ve actually had that domain up for a couple of years, but until very recently it was hosting very little other than the promo-code page, so I figured it was about time I did something with it. I still have a lot more that I want to do with it, but these things take time and it is fairly low on my list of priorities.

Thanks again.


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