DNS at G0D@ddy, site at Dreamhost


I have already changed my nameservers as per http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Transfer_your_hosting_to_us. My question though is about the A record. Does that need to point to Dreamhost?



If you change your nameservers to NS1.dreamhost.com, NS2.dreamhost.com, NS3.dreamhost.com then dreamhost creates your A record for you when you add a domain as fully hosted in the panel. You would only need to deal with the A record manually if you were NOT setting namesevers to dreamhost.

Remember DNS changes take time to propagate. Anything from seconds to 72 hours (average 4 hours). Check the status of that with http://www.whatsmydns.net/

Why in the world didn’t you just type GoDaddy?

I’ve had the nameservers set to ns*.dreamhost.com for almost 48 hours. Whatsmydns.net shows that the name is resolving, but it’s still showing the godaddy park page. And I typed it that way for fun.

Hey there!

I believe you’re referring to karlielehman.com, correct? It looks like the DNS is still propagating for that domain. It’s resolving from both ours and GoDaddy’s nameservers at the moment:


As LakeRat mentioned, DNS can take up to 72 hours to propagate, so if you give it some more time and it still shows the GoDaddy page, please let our support team know by submitting a ticket via the panel. Thanks!

Actually if that’s the domain name in question, have you reverted it at godaddy?

http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/karlielehman.com is currently (at this moment anyway) showing both dreamhost nameservers AND godaddy’s (XXX.domaincontrol.com) but if I use godaddy’s WHOIS database it’s reporting nameservers as XXX.domaincontrol.com (we should be seeing the dreamhost nameservers there at this point).

All that indicates to me that you got tired of waiting and went back and fiddled with things at godaddy. (It very well could be other things as well). In general however, any change you make to DNS you need to wait it out… it does NOT happen instantly, and the more you change it the longer it will take to be what you want.

Ok I think I see what may be the problem. I had edited the DNS Zone file, as I normally have. However, I just noticed on the Settings tab a section to modify the name servers as well. I’ve updated this location as well, I’ll wait it out and see what happens.

wow! I just checked and it’s updated already! SWEET!

Thanks for you help everyone.