DNS and Godaddy Domain


I recently bought hosting on dreamhost and I’m in the process of transferring my site to there. For the time being I am using a .dreamhosters mirror domain and I’m just about ready to launch my new site.

My domain is at Godaddy and there are all sorts of DNS settings there for outlook and some other stuff that someone else set up. If I change the nameservers at godaddy to point to the dreamhost nameservers will anything at dreamhost override these DNS settings at godaddy?.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Yes, if you change your nameservers to dreamhost then all settings at godaddy will be overridden.

You will have to analyze what to change where, it may be that you just need to re-enter mx records (mail) on th dreamhost side.
If you need more detailed advice give us the domain name so we can poke around in DNS and see what’s there.

Hmm, in that case I am glad I asked. Thanks. Would there be any way to avoid doing this, for example only changing the A record on the DNS settings in godaddy, or does dreamhost not allow this? (I have a very foggy understanding of DNS and all that jazz…clearly not a working knowledge though)

Here’s a link to the DNS info http://who.is/dns/dseye.com

Thanks again!

You could go either way, your setup is not too complicated. Either change nameservers, and enter the MX records at dreamhost, or just change the A-record a godaddy. My preference would be to change the nameservers and let dreamhost manage the DNS. The drawback to just changing the A-record is that if your dreamhost IP should ever change your site will break until you manually update the A-record.

Cool thanks. I may go with just changing the A record for the short term, do you know how can I find out my dreamhost IP?

Yes, you should have added your domain in the “manage domains” page of the panel. Under the name listed there you will see a DNS link, click that and when the next page loads scroll down and look for the “non-editable entries” the first one listed should be an A record with an IP address and that is the IP address you want to use for your entry at godaddy.