DNS A Record


I just signed up and registered a domain name with Dreamhost.

Now at the moment I only need the registration and not hosting, however I would like to be able to point the DNS A records for www traffic to be pointed to my own server here at the office.

Now I can change these DNS records if I sign up for hosting too, but as I do not need that option at this stage i was hoping it was possible without it as well.


QED Business Systems P/L

I seem to recall that if you only have domain registration and not hosting, you don’t have access to the part of the panel where you can control your domain records.

Others have recommended zoneedit.com, I think.

Apologies for the somewhat short and non-definitive answer, but I’m about to go to bed but wanted you to get an answer asap. Hopefully others will chime in with confirmation.

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thank you for your quick response. I will check out this zoneedit site although I would prefer to keep it all with dreamhost if possible :slight_smile: