I am trying to get django running, and I think it’s working. The problem is I keep getting 500 errors.

500 errors and Incomplete Header in logs
Dreamhost apparently runs a background process to kill zombie processes. This can cause issues for FastCGI dispatchers (like the one needed to get Django working). Because of this, Dreamhost updated their zombie-killer to avoid dispatch.fcgi; in other words, if you don’t rename the file mysite.fcgi to dispatch.fcgi your site will not work. The file name is different than the one mentioned on various other tutorials.
You must also use
as the first line of dispatch.fcgi. Using #!/usr/bin/env python2.4 confuses the procwatch background process.
You may also get this error if dispatch.fcgi is group-writable (use chmod 755 dispatch.fcgi).

I have tried all that and it is still giving 500 errors. When I run dispatch.fcgi from the shell it gives a django error which should show up but it should show the error in the web page. I did everything just like the wiki says, it’s just the 500 errors. Any suggestions?