Django Template Location Trouble

I’ve gotten Django up and running on my Dreamhost account. The admin interface loads great; however I cannot get Django to find my template files, stored in the folder ‘templates’ in my project root. I get a TemplateDoesNotExist error every time. I have tried setting my TEMPLATE_DIRS both using the full path, and import os and getting dirname.

The site runs beautifully locally, and I can’t figure out why it can’t find my templates when running on the server.

If anyone has any tips on how to specify the correct folder, or where a better place to put my templates would be, it would be appreciated.

Same here. Did you find any solution?

is the directory readable? what are the permission settings?

templates directory and its contents are 755. Is that what its supposed to be?

Probably. I haven’t used Django before. I was just having a stab at the cause. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Oh! Thanks anyway. Nice of you. Running Django/Python apps on DH is a pain. I wish they did something more to help people like me. Now I have to look for another host.

There does seem to be quite a few problems with it according to the forum posts. It’s a bit surprising though considering it’s one of the standard frameworks out there. Have you contacted Support? They can be useful sometimes.