Django on Dreamhost: a URL question

Hi all,

If I migrate my existing DH site (a PHP app) into my new Django app (via these instructions:, I want to do everything under a subfolder.

If I move my existing PHP app to the new “public/” directory, and then configure my Django app to serve all URLs relative to “foo/”, then users accessing will still see the original PHP app, but users visiting will get the Django app, correct?

I want to experiment with Django on my server but don’t want to put it live on the root just yet.


You’re best off using a subdomain if you want to experiment with Django. Enabling Passenger affects the whole domain, and it may have some unexpected effects on existing applications (particularly ones which use advanced web server features like mod_rewrite).

So if I enable Passenger just for a subdomain it won’t affect the main domain? Thanks!

Correct. Every domain and subdomain has its own totally separate configuration; barring a few special cases* which you’re unlikely to encounter, changes to one domain (or subdomain) will have no effect on other subdomains, nor on the main domain.

*: Most of which have to do with external services, or with DNS.