Django Anyone?

Django ( is a popular rapid web development environment. I would like to request the dreamhost staff to add this to the one-click selection.

Or the very least, give us mod_python support. Django should be easy to manually set up once we have mod_python running within the dreamhost web servers.

Any thoughts or comments about mod_python or django? I hope I am not the only one who misses mod_python support on the dreamhost servers.


One click install of… what?

Django is a Python web development FRAMEWORK – it is not an application, and installing it into your web directory will certainly do nothing to you.

If you need instruction on how to set up Django and FastCGI on DreamHost, here’s the Wiki doco:

Did DreamHost ever have mod_python supported here? I have only been here for less than a year so I have no idea, but personally I won’t do shared hosting with anyone who also has mod_python installed :slight_smile:

If FastCGI is not good enough for you, you might want to go for VPS instead.

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Well, fastCGI is not really good enough because it forces me to do CGI type programming. mod_python is a much more natural way (for a systems programmer and not a web programmer) to think and code.

Besides, I am curious as to why you would not use a host who has mod_python installed?

Django will work just fine under FastCGI, without requiring any “CGI type programming.” See the Wiki documentation linked upthread. I’ve tested Django on my DreamHost account; it worked fine, and I plan to use it for a production web site soon. There are plenty of others doing so as well.

I also run PHP applications under FastCGI, and they require no modification. I’m not sure you quite understand what FastCGI is; it’s nothing like old-style cgi-bin/ stuff. (That said, I also like mod_python, and am not sure what the previous respondant’s problem is with it.)

Also, I assume you’re wanting Django to be available by default, the way Ruby on Rails is now – and I agree, that’s a great idea, but not until Django reaches a stable version 1.0. Currently it’s going through a lot of changes, some of them not backward-compatible, and it’s not realistic to expect DreamHost’s techs to install, update, and support beta-level software.

I wouldn’t and don’t expect DH guys to install and support Django at its present state… but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it and get the thought planted in some heads out there :slight_smile:

Completely agreed.