Django and PostgreSQL support

Is there any chance to see PostgreSQL and the Django framework fully supported by DreamHost in early 2007?

I’m planning to launch 2 Django/PostgreSQL powered websites in the next months and I would prefer to go with DH but if they don’t support Django and PostgreSQL I will forced to chose a more Django-friendly web host.

Many thanks

we are not able to answer your questions. :frowning:

you can refer to michael

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We’re primarily customers. DH staff do stop by once in a while but only if we’re bad. (or wrong)


Adding PostgreSQL is in the suggestions section of the panel. This is the link to vote for it (costs you 5 points).

I could be wrong, but I thought one of the honchos mentioned it here at one point and said it probably wouldn’t happen. Not sure if that’s still the case, but if it is, I don’t know why they’d bother adding it to the suggestion area.

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