Django 1.3 - Possible?


I’m currently updating an application I’ve developed to Django 1.3 code (backwards incompatible) because I need some of its new features (logging, class-based generic views, splitting static files and user uploaded files).

The thing is that Dreamhost has Django 1.2.1 + Python 2.5. Is there any way I can install Django 1.3 and use it with Passenger to have the application running? Maybe a virtualenv or locally installed site-packages?

Well, apparently I solved this with a bit of hacking. I’m writing an article about how to install Django 1.3 in DH.

The installation process is very basic (and probably not too stable) and its basically create a virtual environment with our preferred modules, python version, and modify the PYTHONPATH to prepend our locally installed django modules before the system-wide ones.

You can see the article here:

If you see any errors, or want to recommend me some other way of installing django 1.3 (or even scold me for doing this), I’m all ears!

I wanted to tell you, that your post has helped me. I needed to figure out how to use easy install with an environment similar to yours. I now have reportlab installed and working. :slight_smile: