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I’m thinking of starting a hosting plan with DH but need to be sure that you will be able to accomodate my needs. I have a website in production that will be a clone of this website: Its basically a site that charges DJs to upload their mixes up to 100mg. Only members can listen/download the music and rate the mix. Is this something that DH could accomodate?

and which plan would most suit this site?

First keep in mind this is a customer to customer forum, so any replies here are not ‘official’.

I think that DH can accommodate the uploading and traffic - 100mb uploads will require you to make your own custom php.ini file, but there’s an article in the wiki walking you through that.

The big thing that catches my attention though, is do you or the DJs have the rights to redistribute the music? There’s some big legality issues here, you probably want to consult a lawyer before getting started.

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Its basically a site that charges DJs to upload their mixes up to 100mg.

I suppose you meant 100 MB. Kindly correct me if I am wrong about this.

Is this something that DH could accomodate?

Sure. With DreamHost’s huge disk storage and monthly bandwidth, it should be sufficient to run such a site. Consider using a promotional code if you find this insufficient. You would probably not face any issues at DreamHost.

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Here’s a reasonably straightforward article on copyright law and DJ mixes:

So basically, you have good moral ground to stand on, but not necessarily good legal ground. On the bright side, there’s a good chance that this is an area where the RIAA is invoking very selective prosecution - perhaps just enough to maintain their copyright.

Anyway, I don’t have any personal experience with this at DreamHost and I don’t know what their stance is on this. If they are presented with a takedown notice, they will comply.

Anyway, I don’t want to be doom and gloom because I really do think that everything will be alright. I just don’t want you to go into this unprepared or with rose-colored glasses or anything.

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