DIY .mac

Howdy folks,

Spurred on by this, I think it’d be really neat to set up a nearly complete replacement for Apple’s “.mac” service on a Dreamhost account. It seems very possible.

It seems to me the steps are: 1) Set up a webdav server that behaves like .mac’s webdav server; 2) Fool OS X into connecting to my Dreamhost-based server instead of the .mac one.

The problem is, I don’t understand Apache or webDAV enough to make this happen. Any Mac users want to help me out a bit?

There are certainly several battles to fight here, since .mac offers a wide range of services. I’m mostly looking for iDisk, iBackup and iSync functionality.

Anyway, I’d love some help from someone who knows what they’re doing. I’ve started to apply the information from the aforementioned article, but truth be told I’m not really sure where to start.

Thanks, folks!

This might be helpful:

That is a helpful link, and it’s part of where I started, but it mostly focuses on getting your OS X pre-installed Apache server to be available to the internet at large. Part two of that series goes into a little more detail about how to achieve .mac-like functionality, but it never goes so far as to try to replace OS X’s built-in .mac features with your homemade ones. And really, the goal is to replace .mac as an OS X feature, not just create an alternative.

The challenging part of this is to get your replacement to have the same (or similar) level of integration with OS X, and that requires setting up your server to act like Apple’s, and then fooling OS X into accessing your server instead of Apple’s. The article I referenced before is quite thorough in all this, but it focuses on a local Apache 2 server on BSD, so it doesn’t translate exactly to what I want. I want to set it up on a shared account on Dreamhost.

Anyone think this is possible? I don’t have the chops to pull it off, but I know someone out there does.

Don’t think anyone’s mentioned this link yet - might be worth looking at too, though: (strange - I was looking at this just a day or two ago when looking around for backup utilities).

This guy is using OpenBSD, and specifically mentions some problems doing this with the default OS X install of Apache.

Side note… EMC / Dantz “Retrospect” seems to do a pretty nice job for backups on OS X.

DH already supports webdav. You have to go into the control panel and designate a folder to be accessible via webdav, but once that’s done it can be accessed from OS X.

Fooling OS X into thinking your DH site is, getting Backup to work, etc. might be a problem as well because of the need for certificates, Apache config, etc.

I would like to do the same thing: run OS X .mac services via dreamhost instead of a .mac subscription. Particulary, I’d like to enable calendar and address book sharing / syncing securely via DH.

Came across the same articles cited in here, but I have no idea how to convert the OpenBSD and other items into a DH configuration.