Divorce email and shell accounts?

I have a shell account that I created when I first started with DH (pre-April-2008), and when I created my email account, I associated it with the shell account.

Now I’d like to separate the two, and have an ordinary “Fully-Hosted Email” account and a UNIX shell account. I can find no way to do this in the WebPanel, nor any clue how to do this from the Wiki (although the page on how to associate mail accounts with shell accounts is still there, there is no counter page).

I suppose I could delete the email account and then re-add a new email account with the same name, but I suspect that would kinda flip blingy’s little mind?

Anyone know how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

No way around this. Your mailboxes are in the shell account, and short of a generous soul in Support manually making the switchover for you, you’re going to have to delete and re-add. You don’t have file access to where mail directories are now stored.


DreamHost might have already made this change for you as part of an automatic system update. The only way to tell for sure is to check your shell acount Maildir:

  1. Send a message to your public e-mail address.
  2. Find the name of your webserver (click on Account Status in the Web Panel, but you should know by heart if you are using shell access)
  3. Send a message to your shell user on the web server. For example: shell user “bob” on web server “secret” - send message to bob@secret.dreamhost.com
  4. SSH in as “bob” and check ~/Maildir/new
  5. If you only see the message file for "bob@secret.dreamhost.com" then the public email address is divorced from the shell account.

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Thx Atropos7, I was able to confirm that a file was created under /Maildir/new.

The file name looked really weird, but when I pico’d it was the email i sent to the alias I setup in the panel.

I need further help. The next step is to process the incoming email after it’s in the new folder. I am not sure whether there is a better way but my thinking is to have the filter that fowards the email to the shell account also trigger a script that pulls the contents of the email and does stuff.

Any good examples of how to do this with the new shell-email restrictions.

Please advise. Here is a good post on the kind of script I would use, I just don’t know how to tie the newly created file under my shell new folder with the script…