Ditched comcast, how to forward my comcast email to my new domain/gmail?

Hi, I got rid of Comcast for another isp which was a long time coming. But now I’m faced with the problem of losing access to my comcast.net address which I’ve (unfortunately) been using for years. I have an account that I also use on my own domain but I slacked on transferring everything over. Well, I have just switched to my new isp and was going to use trueswitch.com to forward my emails while I got everything squared away, but it turns out they just shut down a week ago.

So my question is, how can I forward all my comcast.net emails to a different account? Comcast appears to nuke your account as soon as you stop paying for it, so does that mean I’m screwed? I’d be happy to pay a small fee to keep my email alive, but they were pretty dismissive of helping me out.

I got doubly screwed by the guy who got us to switch because he said Comcast would have an option to do this and he also referred us to trueswitch. I was hoping dreamhost would have something like this. An email alias is not what I’m looking for.


Unfortunately, you’re kind of screwed here. :frowning: When your comcast.net account is closed and your email address goes away, any email that Comcast receives at that address is going to be discarded (or bounced). There is no way that we, or anyone else, can make them start forwarding mail that gets sent to that address — it’s outside of our control.

Yeah, I was grasping at straws with this. But I called their tech support and uncovered some good info. You lose access to your email as soon as the account is disconnected, but they don’t delete your messages and everything for 90 days. I managed to drag out of them that you can actually move your email account to someone else’s account if you want, which will work perfectly for me. I will just move it over to my mom’s account and I’ll be able to use it as long as they continue their service. Sweet!

Hi Andrew _F

I closed our my comcast account and switched to Frontier last year… My comcast email account did not go away. I could still sign on and access my emails. If you sign into your comcast email account click on the little spiket/wheelin the right hand corner and click on auto forward and then fill in the email account you want emails to go to. Hope this helps…