Dissapointed so far


Wow. I read sooooo many good reviews about dreamhost that I was quite excited about it, however my enthausuam is fading super fast and I have a feeling I’ll be asking for my money back. :frowning:

For one thing the one-step software doesn’t really work. Waaay worse than fantastico.

To make the supposed easy install of Joombla work I have to access my php.ini file. Guess what? There isn’t one.

Absolutely no luck with webmail at all. Regardless of how many accounts I set up or how simple I make the user names and passwords there is no way to get access --keep getting bad password errors.

In all, I’m really dissapointed and have to say that I would not recomend this service at this time.


Fantastico doesn’t properly install many of the products. It gets it working, but it sometimes makes changes to the software which conflicts with patches and add-ons. Their e-mail they send you through the one-click installs is extremely easy to follow through. I’ve gone through their Joomla install numerous times and never had a single problem.

It takes a few minutes for the e-mail addresses to set. Give it some time.


Did you get a loop after install on the admin screen?

When I log in as admin with my password, it just goes back to the log on dialogue. Other than that the install goes fine.

Other problem… where is the tmp director that Joombla is trying to write to?


Yes… same problem. Spent a lot of time on the Joombla. Problem is on the dream host end.

Fantastico is bad on upgrades, but if you can’t get the software to work in the first place it doesn’t really make any difference.

One step installs should work better than this.

I have no idea what’s up with the temp directory either. I think you can fix it by setting a save to path in the php.ini file, however I was not able to find that file anywhere in my system.


I cannot see why you should be struggling with ‘Joomla’? The installation email only gives 4 steps to go through and they seem quite straight forward.
I did not see any reference to php.ini in the email. Have you perhaps installed something else and not ‘Joomla’?




He has cross-posted this message topic, and (from the other thread) it appears he is trying to install joomla and operate under PHP5…probably will need to do his owm PHP as CGI install to set things up for Joomla properly. The “easy way” for joomla “one-click” uses php4 with PHP as CGI.



If you need to alter php.ini you will have to compile php on your account. This is not a simple process with php5. I had sucessfully compiled it on my account but the script I wanted to use BROKE under it :stuck_out_tongue: so I had to start over and compile php4 like I should have in the first place. Unless you are specifically wanting to run a script that requires php5, you should compile php4 IMO. There is a fairly easy tutorial in the wiki about it.

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I want to end on a positive note. I ended up asking for my money back (too many things didn’t work). Dreamhost responded within 5 minutes saying that I will get a full refund. So, they are an honest company and if you try it and don’t like it, you can get your money back.


They have always been willing to give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied. Sorry you decided not to stick with them. I was trying to respond to that other thread about your problem. Just out of curiosity, did you try installing Joomla manually? That probably would have gone without a hitch. True, Joomla does say it supports php5 but you never know. I’ve never used the one-click install or the fantastico stuff hosts offer. I prefer to install manually. Never know, might find a good host who doesn’t offer automated script installs so…

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I installed SMF and that went fine. I was going to install Joombla manually today, but decided to call it quits. To many other things just didn’t work or were difficult when they shouldn’t be (such as redirecting urls). Thanks anyway for coming back to the post to help… I appreciate it.


Perhaps you keep typing in Joombla when the software is called Joomla?



I don’t think too many things are difficult here at DreamHost, far from it, but as a hosting company I don’t think they are really targetting the absolute beginner.

Also, some things ARE done a little differently here at DreamHost, this doesn’t make them inferior, just different.

In fact, I have found DreamHost to be much less restrictive than other hosts.

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