Display .py files as txt (SOLVED)


link here: http://www.nk09.com/prob.py
will not display. In contrast, http://www.nk09.com/prob.py.txt (copy of the file) does display. I earlier had webpy set up, and it worked fine displaying .py files - but I deleted everything and removed the .htaccesses, so shouldn’t apache be treating the files as text? For comparison, http://www.nk09.com/test.php works as it should.

Does anyone know what happened? I looked back through the instructions for installing webpy (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Web.py) and I’m pretty sure I undid everything on there.


EDIT - I’m stupid. DH automatically parses .py, so adding an .htaccess with
RemoveHandler .py
fixed things. Cool.