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My question is … does the logs kept in http (apache logs?) count against my disk usage amount?

According to this previous post, “Any logs older than 3 days will be added to your total disk usage.”

The Control Panel Location has changed since the new re-design, but that description of accounting practices is still on the new Control Panel’s page where you set the numbers of days logs to keep. :wink:


How does one delete the log files older than 3 days?
They (the .gz ones) seemed to owned by root and I can’t delete them.

[quote]How does one delete the log files older than 3 days?
They (the .gz ones) seemed to owned by root and I can’t delete them.[/quote]
Yep, I noticed that. I believe that changing the “number of days logs to keep” handles that automagically…did you try setting the days back to something less than they are now, and see if the system deletes the older logs for you? (I suspect that is what will happen).

That permissions setting is a “change” from the how they were originally set, and is a security measure (back “in the day” you could delete them). You can always ask Tech Support to delete them for you via a Support Request from the Control Panel. :wink:


The control panel forces a minimum of 3 days.
Should the .gz files disappear?
I still have access.log.2007-06-28.gz thru
access.log.2007-07-02.gz, same for error logs … seems like 4 days to me.

Could be! I never looked at it that closely - the log files sizes are completely insignificant for me given the disk quota - for me a day here, a day there doesn’t matter :wink:


You make a good point. Just in case anyone has the same question … this is what support sent me:

Any files not owned by your user do not count towards your disk space
usage. So if you can’t delete the logs then they aren’t owned by you and
are not counting towards your disk space. The only way logs should be
counting at all really is if you change the default 3 days of logs to a
higher number (like a year or something) otherwise the logs should have
no impact on your used disk space. Please let me know if you have any
other questions about this.


Cool! Thanks for sharing the support response. I’m sure that will be helpful to others with the same question. :slight_smile: