Disk Usage


I have an account since April, with my user I don’t upload anything… but in the panel say I use 5045.516MB, when I log and try delete some files, there isn’t anything to delete.
Where are the 5045.516MB?

Does it show up under just the user, or under mail, databases, discussion lists, or something else?

And does your account just have the one user? If you log in via SSH or telnet, in your home directory, you can type:
du -sk *
and this will show you what’s taking up space in kilobytes, whether it be files or directories, and then you can track it down from there.


The result of “du -sk *” was:
36 Maildir
4 private
1360 logs
8 private

That’s just over a meg. What’s telling you that you’re using 5 gigs of disk space? If you go to Users->Manage Users, you’ll get a list of users and how much disk space they’re using, plus the percentage of total allowed.


I see in the panel, in Users->Manage Users

myUser “MyName” shell [login now] zagnut 5045.516/20480 MB (24.6%) [ Edit / Delete ]

Wow, that’s impressive. Ok, how 'bout going to your home directory and typing:
du -sk .
This will show how much is used in your entire home directory. If it does show something in the neighborhood of 5000000 (5 million k), then start looking for hidden directories and files:
ls -a
and then do a du -sk on each hidden directory and file.

I’m also thinking that you should look in Status->Disk Usage to see if there are any clues there.


My disk space usage isn’t working…it’s staying at 5MB.

I know I have gotten way over 600MB but when it was the 1st of July, everything had been reset and since then, it’s been stuck at 5MB :stuck_out_tongue: