Disk usage

I noticed something on the disk usage page and I’m confused about it. Where it says “disk usage by user” under my user name it says the hard limit is 200mb. I have a friend on my plan and his says 20mb’s because I set it up with that. Above that it says this…

“Brown values for a hard limit (quota) just means you haven’t explicitly set it, and so are just being constrained by overall plan limits.”

Does this mean I have 200mb’s total or am I reading it wrong? Since DH increased our space does this mean since I have 2 domains on the plan that I have 200mb’s? I assume I am reading this wrong cause on the users page it says that my friend has used 8.298 of 20 MB and I’ve used 11.374 of 100 MB. Mine has said 100 since the changes at DH. Then when I added my friend on as a user (since it’s free now) I gave him 20mb’s and mine stayed at 100mb’s. I hope I’m making sense. I’m trying to give as much info as possible :wink: Thanks!!


I’ll try to make this clear but I’m a bit short on sleep so sorry if it’s not.

A Crazy Domain Insane Plan comes with 100 MB of space. If you go over that up to 200MB they charge you $1/10 MB. The web panel reports the Hard Limit – the maximum server space you can use.