Disk Usage Stats wrong?

So I just noticed that my disk usage stats seem to be very very wrong… was wondering if someone could explain this to me…

I look in the Contol Panel and I see:

User Name 15 Day Avg. Last Reading Est. Average Disk Limit
karmapolice Christopher Gill 311.113 MB (0.1%) 0.000 MB (0.0%) 150.539 MB (0.0%) 401900 MB [ Detail ]
Totals: 311.113 MB 0.000 MB 150.539 MB

Yet when i click on detail there i see:

2006-10-13 4891.611 MB
2006-10-14 4891.171 MB
2006-10-15 4891.184 MB
2006-10-16 4878.428 MB

Average: 4888.099 MB

What’s up with the diskusage showing 0 MB for my user in the summary screen for Last Reading, but in the detail screen showing the 5GB? … I know the 5GB is correct, but just wondering why the summary page doesn’t seem to be working?

It’s broken for me too.

Ditto… it’s been like that for the past few days.

I’ve uploaded gobs of stuff in the past 3-5 days but none of it is registering on the usage pages.

I made a support request for this, 15 minutes after I got a response that they were working on it. That was yesterday, now it’s fixed.

Love DH. :smiley:

Ironically, I just checked my disk usage stats after reading your blurb (the little summary graph on the left side of the DH control panel) and it’s now registering my disk usage…

Cool, maybe DH found a bigger problem and fixed it.