Disk usage not updating


I signed up for DreamHost on December 25, and since then, the disk usage has not been updating. I know it only updates once per day, but it hasn’t updated anything since I created my account. I know I have about 5 GB worth of files on my site, but it’s still showing 0 MB used on my stats page. Is this common or do I need to contact DreamHost to figure out what’s going on?


Interesting. I have the same thing happening to me as of today. ALL of my users are showing as <10mb used…but there are 50+ gigs of files out there.

Looking at the monthly history, it’s happened a couple of other days in the past month as well.

Might be a good idea to open a low-priority ticket on the issue in case it’s related to any other issues people may be having.


Okay, I’m glad it’s not just me then, thanks. All of my subdomains are showing the same thing, too: < 10 MB on all of them. Weird.


I got this reply from DreamHost’s support team:

This is actually a known bug that our admin team is working on.
Basically, we have a handful of different types of file servers we use
and the latest ones can’t be measured accurately the same way the old
ones were. This means the scripts to check your usage are sort of broke
right now. Hopefully they should be fixed shortly after the first of the
year. Please know that they are a priority tho.