Disk Usage limit

Ok, was setting up a new site, uploaded some test files. Few hours later, deleted existing files, then tried to upload new ones, unable to. Got nothing but “cannot create dir” and “cannot copy file”. Tried through FlashFXP, ended up with a message about usage. Checked my panel and sure enough my user was limited to like 33 MB disk usageand I was way over. So I removed that limitation and I still can’t upload, I dunno if it only resets every so often or if it’s something support would have to do. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT I went ahead and setup a new user to handle the files so I can do testing, but I’d still like to get this fixed so the site’s back under my main user…

One possible reason is that you may have set up an email adress hard coded to the username and at the same time limited the disk usage by that mailbox. That unfortunately limits the entire username unless you add an email adress that is not connected to an actual server user.