Disk usage in mailboxes listing

This is strange. I have one username receiving mail in my domain. The disk usage says 33.133 / 400 MB. When I log in to this account, though, there are no messages at all. What the heck?

I’ve noticed this too. It seems to cache data or something as I don’t think that page gets refreshed?


Web Developer

well it’s only checked once a day or so, but it does sound like they have some data stored somewhere. if this number doesn’t change within a day, contact support.

you might also check to see if they have used IMAP - there might be mail in folders other than the inbox that’s still stored on the server / taking up space.

if the user also has FTP access (ie if they’re not a mail only user), you’ll want to check their web space as well.

I believe I figured it out. Apparently the “Disk Usage” statistic is global. So if you have a 400 MB quota for your entire account, that’s what you see. Webpages, mail, everything.