Disk Usage for FTP/Shell Users?


It’s great that we as account holders can use the control panel to view the disk usage for all our users. However, since you took away the ability to notify our users when they approach their disk quota, is there any other way they can find out how much disk space they are using besides calling me? It would be nice if the first page on the stats screen shows disk usage and quota. After all, I’m sure it must be in a database somewhere where it could be accessed. And there isn’t anywhere to get it, what’s the possibility of creating a place to get it, or at least getting our users’ usage dumped into a database where we could do that ourselves?


We’re just customers here. What changed that turned off user notifications for quotas? I don’t use them, so I haven’t seen this.



It’s not always “just” customers here. I just was wondering if someone knew a way around the current mess. DH removed the connection between users and email addresses, which renders the option to send warning void (since there’s no email for the user hence nobody to send the warning to except me).

Besides, I’ve had some questions from my users about how to check their disk usage. I’d like to know if it’s possible without manually adding up the sizes of all the files (what a pain).

And, if I don’t get an answer in a couple of days, I’ll go suggest it in the control panel. :slight_smile:


Just a thought here:

If those users were shell users instead of FTP only users they would have full of of standard *nix tools to check disk usage/space. :wink:

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