Disk Usage confuses me

Just a bit confused on how this disk usage page works.

Is ‘disk usage by user’ supposed to include all the files that a user has uploaded?

Because mine still says 0.000 MB (0.0%). I know it’s a day behind but about two days ago I uploaded 308 images for a gallery, plus there’s images in the layout and then just the individual pages themselves.

The only thing that’s taking up any space is the database.

Also I’m guessing 0.123 MB would be less then 1 MB and 1.00 MB would be 1 MB, correct?

So how does this page work?

If you’re asking would 0.123 MB round down to 0.000 MB, then I’ll say no, because I have a user with 0.020MB shown (only a coming soon page).

Nono, not be rounded down. I know it won’t. One of my databases is taking up 0.320 MB, so that would be less than 1 MB, right? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.