Disk Usage & Bandwith


let’s make it simple…
User Name 26 Day Avg. Last Reading Est. Average Disk Limit
Blebekblebek 8954.164 MB (44.4%) 13734.945 MB (68.1%) 9725.258 MB (48.2%) 20060 MB [ Detail ]

wich one is real usage? and

how to make bandwith monitor update real time?


Note: These values are only updated once a day.

“Last Reading” is probably closest to “real usage,” but it may be up to about a day old.


thank you…
now I’m still confuse w/ bandwith usage…



Bandwidth usage works the same way:
Web MB is current total, MB/Day is an average, and Cycle Estimate is how much they expect you’ll use in the month if usage remains steady.