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Not sure if anyone else has had this happen but when I try to view how much web space each user account takes up dreamhost states that all of them are under 10MB. This is pretty strange because one of the CMS systems I’m using for one of the accounts is about 30MB just by itself. Does anyone else have this weird issue?

I really need to keep an accurate account of how much web space each user uses.


Are you sure the CMS is taking up 30MB of web space, rather than 30MB in the MySQL database?


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Good thinking and you might be right on that one. Do you know if there is a way to view the total of the combined space for files and databases? So in effect get an exact reading of space used?


Not that i’m aware of… i’ve just had a quick look through the control panel and it looks like your best bet qould be the old fashioned calculator method of web+database = total :frowning:

Allt he information you should need is here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.disk&.

That said, if you have the databses all named after the users, you could possibly write some sort of web scraping app that can work it out for you… that’d involve some reading up on “xpath”.

Might be worth you emailing the DH support guys too if you don’t get a better answer here.

Hope you can get it sorted :slight_smile:


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Well, and part of the reason that there’s no display like this is because it’s not always clear which database is connected with what website/domain.

All our databases are accessible through any of the hostnames we’ve created. It’s only through inspecting either the hardcoded database names in our source code that someone can figure out which databases go with which domains. Also, there may be databases that are connected to multiple domains.

Thus, most any automated solution is bound to be troublesome/imperfect.

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Would it been seen as a waste of resources to develop a system whereby we can specify “owner” users for each database?

I’m sure in most cases, people have seperate databases per client (maybe several for each), and in most cases could assign a logical “owner” to each database.

In theory it should only need to be a simple linking table to store the db owner references. - depending on how the DH accounts are set up, it might be just an additional column instead of a seperate lookup table… i don’t know without knowing how it’s structured internally, but the gist is am optional crude reference.



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While data being stored in the database may certainly account for what you are seeing, there is indeed some kind of problem with the used-space meters atm (and has been for a few months); from what support@ tells me, it’s a rather intricate problem that requires a rather intricate fix, which is why my account currently shows around 1g used when in reality it’s a hundredfold that (you can easily find out how much space an account is using on the shell by entering

du -sh .

after logging in.) Not sure how many clusters/servers/users are affected, but if you are seeing a sizable discrepancy between what du tells you and what the panel tells you, you probably are. You can write the support folks about it and they’ll let you know once it’s fixed, but as said, it’s been quite a while already with no hard ETA in sight, so it could take a while longer still :slight_smile: