Disk quota


Hai Everyone,
I m facing email of “disk quota warning”. 1 of my staff are receiving mail from dreamhost that His disk usage almost 97%, but I checked his account from “disk usage” under ‘Status’ option. That is 27MB(27.3%) out of 50MB. So, why he is receiving that warning email? Coz, still 23MB left!!!
For now I increase 50MB more to him. but it’s not proper solution.
In addition, Actually in which option I can get 100% perfect info bout “Disk usage”?


The statistics are not updated every time there’s a change. From what I understood, as explained by someone who works for Dreamhost, the statistics for quota data are not updated but every 24hrs or so. So the stats you’re looking at now might not be what they actually are currently.

Then again, it’s always possible it was a false alarm.

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50m? You’re a tightwad (grin).

Given that you’ve got 500+ gig of storage, throw 'em another 50m and see if that straightens out the message. The numbers you’re talking about are so low that DH monitoring might not be able to properly process them anymore. Anything under 10m is considered “negligible” almost.

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