Disk quota error

I only have about 5mb of files up on my account now, but can’t add anymore. Can’t even open up a tar file either. I keep getting the message “disk quota exceeded”. I know I have plenty of space though so I’ve been stuck waiting for support to get back to me. Anyone have a similar problem before? Could this mean the box my account on is having space issues or is my account just setup wrong?


Try poking around in the Control Panel; since you can set a disk space quota individually for any user on your account (which I’m going to guess is just your main one), you may have accidentally set the quota very low. That, or maybe you’re uploading as an FTP user with a small quota.

Either should show in the control panel, though–check it out if you haven’t already.

Thanks, I finally figured it out. You can set the disk quota in 2 places in the control panel, under the user settings and under the mailbox settings. I had set it to a low number under the mailbox settings thinking that it only applied to the mailbox. Took the restriction off and everything is fine now.

This is how it should work (and I thought this was fixed already).

I’ll talk to our developers…

This was a little harder to fix that Will thinks.

I’ll get a guy on it today.


That same exact thing got me the first time too…several months back. It would be really nice if that gets fixed.


This is fixed now (has been for a bit, actually).