Disk/bandwidth quota increases

I’ve read through the other recent threads on this issue, but I don’t seem to have found an answer to this point:

The now-famous Announcement clearly states that the quota increases (which BTW, my account seems to have been credited with 13 weeks of disk space but 19 weeks of bandwidth, I believe 13 should be right value - not that I’m complaining!) are credited “each week.” The back-credit provided tends to support the ‘increase every week’ view.

That’s fine… and a generous and unexpected bonus, thanks.

But what I’m curious about is that I noticed that the main rate-comparison chart for the four plans described for new-account signups clearly specifies a monthly credit.

Which is it? Is it different for new users vs older users?

The only reason I ask is that I did have someone sign up through a refferal link on my site after I specified the weekly nature of the quota increases.

Have I misunderstood something? Did I read it wrong?

Any clarification would be helpful.



I noticed that too and wondered if it’s because you sign-up for a month and not a week but if that then it says you only would get 12 x yourplansincrease instead of 52 x yourplansincrease.

I’m assuming that it’s weekly based on Josh’s newsletter and the fact I’ve been back credited weekly for a year.

So yeah someone should really clear that up. Where’s Oprah zapping Josh?


I also notice that my quotas has NOT grown since I got Josh’s newsletter on June 6th. Should I add some water myself? :wink:

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Whoops! That’s a typo on the comparison page… it is weekly, and it’s been fixed now!

Also, it didn’t run by accident last Sunday, but that’s been fixed now and everything should be updating correctly from here on out.




One more place still has montly. On the main page, javascript scoller.

messages[1]=“Every month you host with us you’ll automatically earn more disk space and bandwidth!”


Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping it was just a miscommunication/typo.

And thanks, too, for the extra space. I noted that my account got its first ‘auto-increment’ the other day.


Ah thanks! Tagline scroller fixed now too!

hip hip, hooray!


It’s there too:

Btw… thanks for this great new thing! :slight_smile:

Geesh, I’m starting to almost think it IS monthly! :slight_smile:

Fixed there too…!