Disk and transfer limits when using a promo code

A lot of prospective customers - my RL friend included, are curious about the 200GB disk, 2TB transfer that we think you get when you use a promo code to sign up for the L1 plan. Can someone who’s signed up recently using a promo code confirm or deny that you do get the old limits if you use a code? I’m interested in responses for all plans - L1, L3 and L4.


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I’m also interested about this and i think everyone here interested about it. As of many times the same question was asked by many people(even me too) i think someone having a credit card can try it and don’t forget that there’s a 97 day money back guarantee.Just one thing to avoid and that is not to register a domain untill he/she be confirm to keep the account to avoid the extra charge of domain registration. Isn’t it?

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I just want to be clear that I’m not asking anyone to sign up. I just figured that since this was the “Beginner’s Forum”, that there would be a lot of people who recently signed up reading or posting here and that they could help us out by sharing their knowledge!

Plus we’d all like to get to know you and welcome you to the community!

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I’ve got to speak up here and point out that I think to sign up with a credit card while planning to use the 97 day guarantee to get your money back just to see what you get (and with no intention of actually keeping that account) is a patently bad idea.

To put everyone at DH trough the hassle of opening, then closing, and account as a 'test", as though there is something “sneaky” about the promo code deal that you can only discern the truth about by opening a “dummy” account is almost as insulting to DH as it is wasteful of their time.

There is no need to play such games with DH; just ask them directly and you will be given a honest answer. Secondly, anyone doing this would likely be very sad to learn that they will not be able to subsequently sign up again with a promo code if they find they actually do want to open an account. :wink:



You do not need to worry about the space and bandwidth that DH promised. Everyone here is getting that amount of space and bandwidth. That is why we are here.

If DH does not keep their promises, we won’t be here any more.

BTW, if you register the free domain, you will get full refund except for the domain (9.95).

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There is no need to play games with sign-up. You get what they offer in the hosting packages. At least hypothetically. I can’t see how I could possibly use the disk space and bandwidth provided without using too many of the other resources (CPU, memory).

When I signed up the starting levels were pretty close to what they are now, and at least my panel says I get that much, and my weekly increases have raised it since.

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You all got the same mistake with my words and thoughts!!! I told these for those people who are planning to get a hosting and interested about DreamHost. Definitely those kind of people around here are interested about DreamHost,or they wouldn’t stay here long and ask questions. AND DON’T FORGET THAT I’M ALSO a fan of DreamHost,not only you. My words were also to make new guys interested about DreamHost. I told about 97 day money back guarantee TO ASSURE THAT DREAMHOST WILL REFUND THEIR MONEY IF THEY AREN’T SATISFIED. Are my words and thoughts clear to you all?.. :expressionless:

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No. We’re idiots. (grin)

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Hi all,

As the original poster, I would like to request the following:

Let’s try to keep this thread on topic. It is standard bulletin board etiquette when replying to a thread that we actually try to stick to the original topic or make a new thread. It’s also good practice to always keep in mind the actual forum we’re posting in. After all, DreamHost has given us 11 forums here on this board. This is the “beginner’s forum”. My thinking in posting my request here was that this was a forum for current DreamHost customers who are new-ish.

No harm done but I just wanted to:

  1. request that we keep on topic
  2. explain that I had given some thought to where I was posting my request and request that others keep this in mind

Thank you for your attention and for your continued help!

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Well, my sister signed up for a DreamHost L1 plan using a promo code and she confirms that she’s seeing her initial disk limit at 200GB and her initial transfer limit as 2TB.

I’m never going to catch up with her unless I upgrade to a L3 plan! :frowning:

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Signed up for account with $97 off last week got 2048gb bandwidth and shows 205824mb diskspace. This is as shown at the tme under the plan.

Bandwidth is increasing by 16gb per week and disk space by 1gb per month

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I signed up back in November 2006 and got 200MB and 2TB right off. I did use the promo codes.



I can confirm this as well. I signed up about a week ago (with a promo code) after being referred from my friend in B.C., and I did get the promised 200gb/ 2tb.

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I think you got mistake while posting. Isn’t it? Because disk space increase is 1 GB/week that means 4GB/month.

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Crazy huh? But all true.

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