Disgruntled employee disabled website

I was wondering if anyone can give me a hand. We had an employee disable our hosting. I have renabled it but get “Error establishing a database connection” when visiting the site. Can someone point me in the right direction for what I need to do, to get this fixed? Any help would be much appreciated.

Making the assumption that he site is wordpress based (or even many other CMS’s) he msot likely changed the MySQL password…

There are 4 items that will appear in a a config file for the web-app (with wordpress this is wp-config) that will cause this when not configured the same way they are in the dreamhost panel.

database name
MySQL username
MySQL password

Most people encounter this error becasue they were being viligant and changed the MySQL password in the panel, without realizing that they also needed to make the SAME change in the config (wp-config) file.

I guess they deleted the hosted domain for the mysql database, I recreated it and the main site is back up but none of the pages are functioning. Any guess at what I should do next?

Being more descriptive about the application you’re using would help. A link to the site, even better :wink:

looks as though wordpress was uninstalled, Im sure this is what is causing the errors, but I cannot install wordpress unless the directory is empty… Im a graphic designer with little development experience so any help is much appreciated. website is rosecroftestate.com.

What you really need is the domain restore feature. It’s broken tho, you might open a ticket with support and ask if they can help. Depending on alot of things, like what themes and plugins were also installed, just installing wordpress might not be the best option…

If you go to Support, make sure you detail precisely what has occurred while being as concise as humanly possible, then outline what you need them to do.

A file and database restoration for that user account would be ideal.

Once you get it all back up, change all the passwords immediately, including MySQL passwords.

How do I open a support ticket? thanks for all the help i appreciate it.

Panel > Support > Contact Support