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One of my clients has been experiencing 12-24 hour delays when using discussion lists over the past month. Multiple mailings weeks apart. ( ugh.dreamhost.com ) They find this is an unacceptible delay (some people missed a funeral announcement), and would like a list solution that works for a relatively small list (100-200) in around an hour.

Primarliy an announce list, it has beed designed to occasionally open the conversation up to a two way list by using a discussion / mailman list. The native announcement list ability is not an option (i would dh, but it just doesn’t cut it! need to send to list by email + other issues…) Further and regarless of announce/discussion policy, I’m interested in resolving this for myself and others interested in discussion lists as discussion lists, and potential speed issues related.

I’ve searched and found no real answers.

May 2006 / slow discussion list / no reply / link

Feb 2006 / slow discussion list / multiple ‘me toos’ / link
Support: “The mailing list server is doing its monthly sending of membership reminders for all members of all lists, so it has a large queue that it has to churn through.”

further links and info on wiki.

My questions:

  1. There seems to be a pattern of lag in discussion lists. I’ve used many on other domains which appear to operate reliably and quickly – Is hosting a functionally speedy discussion list possible on dreamhost?

  2. Is PHPList a viable alternative for the announcement goal. Other suggestions?

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someone else just recommended google groups as an alternative… , just thought i’d tag it on here to guage reaction.

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phplist doesn’t let you e-mail to the list. It’s just like DH’s announcement list.


[quote]From: DreamHost Customer Support Team support@dreamhost.com
Date: Jul 13, 2006 10:31 AM

There have been a few problems with the mailman server recently. We do
believe these have been resolved however. Are you still having slowness
with the list?

hopefull not!, thanks for the response.

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