Discussion lists


OK. I’m trying to set up a discussion list. Let’s pretend my domain is foooooo.com and I want to make a list at it. I want to make a list like xy@foooooo.com but so far, I’ve only seen how to make xy@lists.foooooo.com where lists can be substituted with anything else. Can I just get a list xy@foooooo.com where there is no sub-domain? Thanks.


dunno if this feature is new since you posted - when i created my discussion list, one of the options was to “Create Convenience Addresses”. if you select this, you’ll get mail aliases created against the primary domain that bounce over to the lists. subdomain.

so my list “bob”, which is technically connected to lists.suckefree.com will work if i mail to bob@suckafree.com, with all the administrative email addresses working as well ( like bob-request@suckafree.com)

at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. right now, i’m getting an error on my lists that all the admin addresses are missing from the virtual user table :frowning: