Discussion Lists

Are the discussion lists down? I haven’t had anything come through my lists for almost 4 hours.


My discussion lists came back up yesterday but they’ve been down for hours again today. Is anything going on?


Yes, the server is not running well. This was posted in the weekend – I think you should contact Support:

Posted: May 16th, 2004 - 11:37:41 AM PST (16 hours 48 mins ago)

One of the discussion list servers experienced some instability early in the morning and list
delivery was not working or intermittent for several hours. At this time, all lists should be
functioning normally. If you have a list that is not working correctly, please contact our support
team as soon as possible so we can look into it.

Happy Discussion List Fixit Team


Thanks, the lists are still down so I have sent a message to support. Since there are no other complaints, I assume I’m the only one still having problems.


Figured I’d hijack this topic in the name of convenience, since I’m having a few issues with my own lists. First of all is that I do notice several hours of lag on the listproc sometimes before the emails actually go out. At the moment, though, that’s not what I’m struggling with. I’m struggling with names.

Say I set up a list using the address ‘list@domain.com’. That’s great, it’s easy to parse and remember. But when emails are actually coming back, they’re coming from something more like ‘list-domain.com@lists.domain.com’ which frankly is very ugly and confusing to my users. I tried going into the addresses panel to change the alias or displayname for this list-domain.com address, but couldn’t see a way to do it without potentially breaking the list.

Now of course I know I can still send actual mail to list@domain.com and it will go through fine, but my users don’t all know that and I’d really like it to be obvious or, even better, the only apparent option. Setting a reply-to is not quite the same thing.

So… any ideas?

There have been some past discussions about this. Currently, there’s no easy way to do this (other than to require unique list-names on a system-wide basis, which is undesirable, or to do a unique Mailman install per account or domain, also undesirable). We’ve looked into ways of fixing this, and at this time, we don’t have a good workaround.

It’s hoped that the next full release of Mailman (still a ways down the road, unfortunately), will have better true virtual domain support.

I used the reply-to trick in my lists. I force all emails with a static reply-to as list@domain and no one had problems. This also solved some issues with italian ISPs that can’t send emails to a domain without a mx record (and by default lists.domain do not have it).