Discussion Lists

my lists have been down since sometime yesterday, saturday, 2/22. Is anyone else having this problem?


My FTP / Telnet / Web Panel have all been down since about 5’ish today - sitey’s still up, but i had a rather big update i planned on doing today - and now won’t have time this week. . . rather annoying. . .


believe me, you have my sympathy. my lists still aren’t up yet, despite having been told that the list situation on dreamhost has been fixed ~ it hasn’t!

I have greyhound rescue lists hosted here. If a sighthound gets loose, it can get into real trouble especially since track hounds aren’t street savvy. we can’t notify our volunteers to go look for the dog or we can’t help out with other emergencies. I may have to rethink hosting anything on dreamhost if these problems can’t be fixed.

heh - your problem is much more serious then mine. . . hope that gets fixed before you actually need to use the list.

Best of luck - and my FTP, webpanel and the like are still down - almost 20 hours now. . . With no indication they even know there’s a problem or are attempting to fix it sigh

I just posted this announcement:

“Our discussion list system got backed up over the weekend due to a malfunction. We are currently clearing out the queue so you should see your messages go out in the next several hours. We are also investigating the cause of the malfunction.”

I have also seen people saying list mail was bouncing. That is a different problem and we are looking into it.

If you are having problems with FTP or your webpanel, that is unrelated to this problem, and you should contact support immediately.


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but there has been no mail from my lists since last night and my test messages of almost a half hour ago, have not been received yet.

I don’t think this problem has been resolved yet.


Funny, DH didn’t tell us they were upgrading…:

It’s a good thing I copied all my users over yesterday. The list is down again…

well, I was aware of it. below is part of an email dallas sent to me:

The same malfunction that backed up the mailing lists over the weekend
happened again last night. It seems to be bug in the list software, so
I’m going to upgrade it today. I’m hoping that will take care of it.

yeah, me too!

Out of curiosity, how many Mailman lists do you (everyone reading this thread) have hosted via Dreamhost, with how many users on them (approximately, as you can’t check now since the sw is down)?

I have a couple of small lists with very few members and posts, and one list with about 280 members and a lot of daily traffic. List members get very cranky whenever something goes wrong. I’ve tried to explain that outages are normal, and to think of them like utility outages at home… :o)

I have 4 greyhound rescue and adoption lists for various activities. 3 of them are very low volume while one has higher volume with about 380 people. The busier list consists of new greyhound owners asking questions about their dogs while the more seasoned veterans answer them. One list consists of volunteers only with about 100+ people which handles emergency transportation and foster homes for greyhounds, events and volunteer opportunities. The other two have 20 to 30, I think. One is for adoption reps only talking about specific greyhound issues and one is for our major fundraiser.

For personal enjoyment purposes, I have one fan list with 395 people that can be pretty busy and two that have practically no volume most of the time. These are Beatles related lists.

Hopefully, I’ll see my lists again. :slight_smile: I’ve already set up a back up for my volunteer list on another provider. That one is absolutely essential.

Lest it be said that I only speak up when dreamhost is on its lips ~ I just wanted to say that since the mailman upgrade, my lists are running smoothly.

Thank you!