Discussion Lists

If I check the option for a new archive volume to start monthly, will the old volume be deleted? My concern is disk quota. If mailman does not automatically delete the old archive volume, where can I do it manually?

Thanks, Cathy

I’m pretty sure the discussion lists don’t count against your quota (within reason). If the old archive volume is still there and you need us to remove it, I believe you’d have to contact support and have them do it for you.

I have wondered about this.

If discussion lists count against your disk quota, I can’t tell. I have a little discussion list that we moved from Yahoo. Bloody ads… The archive page says “…you can download the full raw archive ( 44 MB ).” That seems rather large to me but what the heck.

If there is some kind of auto delete feature, I’d like to know just so I can d/l the monthly archives and toss them up to the Yahoo space we don’t use (just in case someone needs them).