Discussion Lists where sender is not on list


I’ve noticed with the Dreamhost discussion lists that for a message to be sent out it has to be sent from an email address that is subscribed to that list. Here is my question regarding this…
We are a non-profit organization where the general board members change every year. So I just created an email address (i.e. president, treasurer, publicity, etc) for each board position that is a forward-only to the current member’s personal email address. What I would like to do is set up a discussion list where the list is comprised of all these email addresses I just created (i.e. president, treasurer, publicity, etc) and this discussion list could be used year-to-year and would always be current. But because these email addresses are not mailboxes, but forward-onlies, these people would not be able to send anything to the list. Correct? Is there another way I could handle this? My main goal is to create a static general board email list that will always go to the right people.


I have a similar setup for a domain I manage at another host. We don’t use discussion lists however. Instead I created additional aliases for “board”, “exec-board”, “staff” (staff also includes board). Then we set up an internal wiki page with suggested filters and folders for mail. Each alias such as board forwards to president, vice-president etc. which forwards to the individual. Some have internal mailboxes some have personal mailboxes elsewhere. Each year at election time we just update the lowest level aliases.


Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that.