Discussion lists vs forwards - internal only?


I currently have a client with a bunch of forwards set up for the various structures in the company. Things like staff@, lawyers@, everyone@. However, since these are reachable from the outside world, we’ll get some spam coming to these addresses. I was wondering if it might be preferable to set these up as discussion lists?

The problem there would be if one of the users sends an email from their home email, I won’t be on the list to be allowing these to come through. Is there a way to work around this and possibly have myself get the emails to allow or deny a certain address to post to the lists?

Or are there other ways to go about this? Seems like email in some form would be the best, as the users don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. Is there a way to just have these same forward-only addresses set to not allow emails from the outside world? Obviously that won’t work if they use their home email, but it would get rid of the spam issue.

Thanks, Ian