Discussion lists signup forms

I would like to embed a signup form for my dreamhost discussion list, like you can do for the Announcment lists -

as in this “howto” that I found on the wiki:

Anyone know how to create a discussion list signup form? Or direct me to where I can learn how to do this?


  • e.m.fields
    chapel hill, nc

That would be a good idea worth to vote on.

Does DH Formmail help at the moment?

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Thanks for the support, patrick

My response from Dreamhost was,
“No, we don’t offer that. You can just direct someone to the signup form through GNU mailman.”

Which is baloney, because it’s just a matter of what code is required to get the proper POST submission to get someone signed up, but this is beyond my expertise.

I love Dreamhost, and am happy they provided us with GNU mailman discussion lists at all, much less for free, but would like to be able to add a more “embedded” signup interface. Let’s face it, Mailman is awesome, but it’s not the greatest UI ever.

  • e.m.fields
    chapel hill, nc

I agree… anyone figure this out yet?


I know this is an old thread… but still interested in an answer to it… Has anyone figured this out?