Discussion lists accepting email from another list?

Having issues with allowing members of one list auto mail (without admin approval) another list. I suspect I’m not configuring right…

I have two lists, staff and team. I’d like “team” members to be able to send email to the “staff” list. I believe this is possible under Mailman’s Privacy|Sender Filters (for staff list) rules with an option called accept_these_nonmembers. You put the name of the list in there with an @ sign in front of the list name. However, this did not seem to work. Not sure if it’s the way I’m listing them, or what.

I’ve tried:


None work. The last two supposedly work with cpanel’s lists. Does Dreamhost support the accept_these_nonmembers @list? Is there a special format to the name??

Thanks for any guidance!

I had the same problem, came here looking for a solution . . . but I think I just found one! Instead of plain @LISTNAME, I entered @LISTNAME-DOMAIN. (In the example above, that would be @team-domain.)

LISTNAME-DOMAIN is what appears in the list’s Mailman URL after /admin.cgi/, that’s where I got the idea.

Thanks David. Alas that list got shut down recently, but appreciate you posting the solution!! I’ll remember for next time!